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Chewdoku ‘07




Sudoku got harder, Chewdoku met the challenge.



Original and still the best.



Now make / solve Killer Sudoku 

 Killer Combinator function lists cage combinations





As seen in PC Utilities magazine





Smarter Faster Better Looking





Options to help you view 


Options to help you solve 




Most powerful solver - has all the methods

Including N-fish, ALS, the Death Blossom, pom/gem…





Solution Expert counts, checks and shows solutions

Show Nth Solution for puzzles with more than one answer




Super X function


Windows XP

Also works on Vista





Print preview, Colour print, Print blank grids.

Use text string sudokus:


Save into .xml and picture .bmp and .gif files




Number scanner OCR reads digits from Picture Files











Answer Explainer shows methods used to solve puzzle





Chewdoku's How to do Sudoku. Available for download here







Rate your puzzle











Make it your first choice Sudoku program






Easy to use





Professionals need the best, like Chewdoku - its most useful”

Editor: 365 Sudoku




Method selector





Solves idoku and sudokarrow / arrowdoku



Download extra character sets, click here




Watch Chewdoku solve one step at a time



Features RC RN CN viewer,

puzzle minimaliser, canonicaliser

Choose any type of symmetry, or none.

Many levels from extra easy to impossible

Chewdoku can make Sudoku with unique solutions,

Instant backdoor finder, Puzzle scrambler, 2 levels of hints,

Solve timer, Highlight row, col, square, numbers, strong links

Save and Open saved Sudoku, including killer,

Save puzzle info, Instant solve function

Direct entry and show possible

Solves any Sudoku






Chewdoku covers all your Sudoku needs

Chewdoku is FREE!*






Chewdoku: The logical choice





Get Chewdoku click here




Twasack’s other stuff







*free for individual non commercial use

Distribute freely

The name Chewdoku and the Chewdoku logo are copyright

Use program at own risk, no guarantees given

All parts copyright



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