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Language of Understanding .pdf



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DeBbie O’ NeiL



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A book explaining the OPT system of knowledge representation for artificial intelligence as used first in the Debbie O’NeiL AI chatbot.

The DataBase Outputs Natural Language, it is capable of learning and talking about things it has learned by storing memories in a database in a way that can be used to mine information intelligently in order to answer questions. Source code and full explanation included. access .mdf relational SQL searching the chatbot object property properties watson jepardy knowledge representation language of understanding cognitive psychology code programming conversation eliza robot talking grammar linguistics philosophy of mind communication automatic table noun verb adjective class subset scripts loglan logic genetic encoding evolution internet windows xp artificial intelligence loebner prize alan turing machine nobel prize for computer science. Not related to Never Ending Image Learner : Neil the Carnegie mellon AI common sense system , Debbie came first and is still smarter !